​​​A Widow's Business:
A Practical Guide Through the First Year After the Death of a Spouse  
by Liz Swiertz Newman 

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A Widow's Business was runner up in the National Indie Excellence Awards of 2015. 


A Widow's Business is about bringing order to the many things a new widow has to handle--from writing an obituary to planning ahead for the rest of her life. Checklists cover organizing tasks; the information needed and where to get it; dealing with finances; and an overview of probate, trusts, wills, and powers of attorney.  The Table of Contents and the Introduction are accessible above. 

          A Widow's Business is available at www.amazon.com  and www.bn.com.          I hope you'll drop in and read the thorough description of A Widow's Business:    A Practical Guide Through the First Year After the Death of a Spouse.



          Liz Swiertz Newman